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Privacy Policy
Personal data in MAN Diesel’s job database is treated confidentially and is only used with the purpose of reviewing and contacting applicants interested in a position at MAN Diesel. Moreover, we will also be able to contact you in future if we find your profile relevant in relation to another position.

You can view, edit and delete your profile in our database at any time. If your data has not been edited for six months, your profile will be deleted automatically from the database.

By setting up a username and password, you will be able to edit and re-use your profile for applying for different positions.

MAN Diesel is obliged to comply with Danish and EU legislation on protection of personal data.

The database is made in collaboration with Stepstone. However, there is no connection to Stepstone’s CV database at, and there is no data exchange between MAN Diesel’s job database and Stepstone’s CV database.

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